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Taco Tuesday: Three Things You Didn’t Know

Taco Tuesday
Taco Tuesday is something you’ve probably heard in many restaurants. No doubt, it’s the best verse you’ll ever hear because it means you get to enjoy this delicious treat at a lower cost.
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What Should You Know About Prosecco?

Prosecco is a sparkling wine from Italy known as spumante wine, which means sparkling compared to Tranquilo, a semi-sparkling wine. Aside from its sparkle, another feature distinguishing it is the grapes used during production.
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Top 10 Authentic Mexican Drinks You Have to Try

Mexican Drinks
While you have heard of margaritas and tequila, there is nothing like trying traditional Mexican cocktails directly where they originated. Wanting a Mexican experience is the ideal opportunity to sample a variety of these authentic Mexican drinks.
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What Are Tomatillos and How Do You Cook Them?

A tomatillo may resemble an unripe tomato but has its own identity. It is commonly used in Mexican recipes and brings strong flavour to sauces, meat dishes, salads, and other meals.
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What is Chipotle?

Dried Chipotle Pepper
While Mexican food in Australia is becoming more popular contrary to the "Tex-Mex" variety it is used to, more and more Australians explore seasonings and spices used in Mexican cooking. One of the most commonly used terms in…
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The Jalapeño: Everything You Need To Know

Jalapeño Pepper
When you think of Mexican food, you probably imagine a spicy, warm sensation that comes with it that lasts for hours. That's the jalapeño, Mexico's chilli. We all love that tiny green explosion of flavour and fire in…
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