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Quinceañera Fiesta: 7 Steps to Make It Memorable

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A quinceañera is a rite of passage that turns a girl into a woman. It truly is a momentous day for young girls in Mexico and Latin America. However, planning it isn’t a piece of cake.

Not sure how to start planning for your Quinceañera Fiesta? Follow these seven simple steps to help you plan Mexican quinceañeras.

Set a Working Budget

Before you can go and plan your quinceañera, it’s important to set a budget you’re willing to work with. Set a reasonable budget for your gown, venue, and vendors.

Prepare a Guest List

Now that you have a budget in mind, you can put a cap on the number of guests you plan to invite. Put your family and relatives on top of the list, followed by your pastor and friends. Give your beloved guests the option to bring a plus-one only if your budget allows it.

Choose a Date, Venue, and Theme

Planning your Quinceañera Fiesta is easier when you have a theme to follow. Depending on your interests, your theme could be anything from Winter Wonderland to a Paris-themed party.

Make sure your chosen venue is in line with your theme. As for the date, it’s best to hold your Quinceañera on the weekend. However, if you want to follow tradition, you should throw your party on the Saturday before or after your actual birthday. Also, make sure that your guests are available for your fiesta.

Once you’ve settled these details, you can prepare your invitations and send them out as early as possible.

Make Arrangements with the Church

A Misa de Accion de Gracias (Mass of Giving Thanks) is the traditional start of a quinceañera. You’ll have to arrange this with your church. However, there are a few requirements the church will ask from you to celebrate your coming of age. It usually includes courses, community service, and contributions.

Choose your Corte de Honor and Escort

Who Is Part of Your Corte de Honor?

Your Corte de Honor typically consists of friends and cousins. You can opt for the traditional 14 couples plus the birthday celebrant and escort. The Corte de Honor consists of 7 couples already, including the celebrant and her escort in recent years. It’s also an option to skip the court of honour, leaving you and your escort alone, of course.

Choosing an Escort

An escort’s role is to be with you throughout the celebration of your quinceañera. He could be your significant other, best friend, favourite cousin, or friendly neighbour. Choose wisely. His presence can make or break your fiesta.

Prepare Your Gowns

You will need three gowns—one for the ceremony, the reception, and the dance. Pink is the traditional colour, but you can choose your favourite.

Book Your Vendors

Catering Service

Get hold of your final guest list to determine the amount of food needed on the day itself. Your menu can comprise your favourite meals or align with your theme.

Most catering services offer arrangements for tables and chairs. So, it’s important to coordinate the design and theme of your tables and chairs with the staff.

Don’t forget about your birthday cake. You’ll probably have to look for a separate bakery to make your custom cake.

Lights & Sound

Proper lighting helps your documentation team get the best shots of your event. On the other hand, what’s a party without music? So liven up your event with great food, lighting, and music.

Your venue might have lighting and sound equipment, but on the off chance they don’t, you’d have to outsource this service.

Photographers & Videographers

Quinceañeras come only once in a lifetime. Having a team document, the event will help commemorate your coming of age party.

Have a Great Time!

Have you checked off the things on your checklist? Go ahead and enjoy your Mexican quinceañera fiesta! Celebrate this life-changing occasion with your friends and family. Remember, you only turn 15 once!

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