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Mexican Cuisine Mindfulness

Mexican Cuisine

The best way to experience a country is by trying out its authentic local food. Planning a trip to Miami? Let us help you get started with your food checklist!

Mexican Food Must-Haves

The first would be Tacos! Tacos made at a Mexican grill are so much more than the tacos we get from ready-made packets in supermarkets. Tacos need not be fancy or complicated. Some of the best tacos are fresh-made, vegetable tacos, traditionally pulled chicken, and grilled steak fajita.

A fantastic mole sauce is a must-try! It was invented in Mexico; however, there is some debate around the same. Mole sauce ingredients usually include fruit, different types of chilli peppers, nuts, and spices such as cumin, cinnamon, and fresh ground black pepper. Mole sauces can be eaten with stuffed poblano peppers, chicken and rice, enchiladas, and more.

And of course, burritos. Burrito is quite similar to Tacos. However, the key difference between the two is their quantity and size. On the one hand, tacos are small and open, while burritos are big and stomach-filling. One can gulp 2-3 tacos at one time, but just one burrito can be a fulfilling meal – this is also because a burrito has a large variety of fillings. If you are a seafood lover, do try out fish burritos.

Last but not least: Salsa. Salsa accompanies any delectable Mexican dish. One can taste the culture in truly traditional salsa.

These are the few must-try dishes if you truly want to experience the Mexican culture! Until then, you can experience it at On the Border with its delicious Mexican dishes from hand-picked recipes of the best.

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