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All about Mexican Food Culture

Mexican Food

Mexican culture has a detailed history and an extensive territory which makes it complicated to understand, yet fascinating. It is well known for its geography, language, religion, festival, art, and especially FOOD!

Over time, Mexican food culture has taken a prominent place in global cuisine. After all, who doesn’t love tangy tacos, delicious quesadillas and guacamole?

Did you know that chocolate actually originated from Mexico? It was believed to be a gift from God for the Aztecs. The same goes for chillies. Mexican food is well known for its spicy flavours.

Let’s check out some of the prominent Mexican dishes:

  1. Tortillas
    Tortillas can be eaten with almost everything. It may look simple, but we spend hours making the perfect dough for it. There are two types of tortillas – wheat tortillas and corn tortillas.

Wheat tortillas are usually used for burritos whereas corn tortillas are used in almost everything, from tacos to enchiladas.

  1. Salsa and Guacamole
    Just like tortillas, salsa is served with almost every meal. It can be quite spicy, as it can have wonderful, spicy chilli. In fact, we have a wide range of options to choose from at OTB, including salsa Picante, chipotle salsa and Pico de Gallo, which is made from chopped tomato, onion, serrano peppers (jalapeños or habaneros may be used as alternatives), with salt, lime juice, and coriander. And of course, the most famous of all Mexican sides, Guacamole.

Our famous corn chips come standard with Pico de Gallo, with an option of guacamole & chilli con queso.

  1. Tacos
    Every time you think of Mexican food, the first thing that comes to mind is Tacos!

Tacos are normally rolled, folded then stuffed with delicious goodness, like seasoned meat, (beef/chicken/pork) or seafood. (Try our prawn taco!) Eaten by hand, often garnished with a variety of condiments like salsas, beans, cheese, guacamole, sour cream topped with lettuce, tomato and chillies.

  1. Quesadillas
    Quesadillas is traditionally a corn tortilla filled primarily with cheese, sometimes can include various meats and spices, or vegetarian. (Try our crispy cauliflower version). Folded and usually fried it is a go-to meal to fulfil your Mexican craving.
  1. Beans and Rice
    Beans are either pinto or black. They are usually served as refried beans and are not as sweet as those found in other parts of the world. Mexican Rice is served white (cooked in chicken stock & onion) or red (with tomato puree).

Now that you know all about the Mexican food culture, let On the Border bring a mini-Mexico to you, here in Perth. Check out our Fiesta options and Book your table now.

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