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Good Times Roll with our Burrito Rolls

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Most Mexican dishes overlap in their ingredients and forms. Burrito is quite similar to Tacos. However, the key difference between the two is their quantity and size. On one hand, tacos are small and open, while burritos are big and stomach-filling. One can gulp 2-3 tacos at one time, but just one burrito can be a fulfilling meal – this is also because a burrito has a large variety of fillings.

These ingredients are wrapped in a flour tortilla, as the corn tortilla could break easily. They are neatly folded and resemble any other roll.

Kinds of Fillings

The basic ingredients of a burrito tend to be filled with meat, beans, rice, and salsa wrapped in a flour tortilla. Other toppings to flavour the burrito include cheese, guacamole, various vegetables, or sour cream.


Chicken/Beef are the most popular ingredients. However, the beauty of the burrito is that you can add anything!


Black beans and Pinto beans are often used. The beans add weight and protein and give you a taste of Mexico too.


There are a ton of salsa options for your burrito. You can also have a combination of two or more salsas.

Where Did Burritos Originate?

In Spanish, “burro” stands for a donkey, and the word form “burrito” means “little donkey”.

But why is this delicious Mexican dish named little donkey?

According to the legends, Juan Mendez from Chihuahua used a donkey to carry his food supplies. To keep the food warm, he would wrap them in a large flour tortilla. That is how it got the name Burrito, as it was his donkey who helped him deliver the food items.

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