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What Is Mezcal?


Mexico is known for its exquisite and unique dishes, but it also serves premium alcoholic beverages such as Mezcal, which many people enjoy and crave. The agave-based drink shares the same reputation as whiskeys or champagnes that leave a roast-like aftertaste, making it unique and a liquid to accompany you at any time.

A guide to Mezcal

A plant native to Mexico called maguey, a type of agave, is where Mezcal comes from. Making such a drink derives from its literal translation of “oven-cooked agave,” in which underground ovens roast agave hearts to achieve a particular and flavorful taste. The primary process involves mainly distillation, which manufacturers can do in various ways.

Thus, Mezcal takes part in the infamous cuisines of Mexico and Mexcal, the Californian and Mexican cuisine. Many Australians enjoy the type of meal as it has an established restaurant in the western area.

Following the origins

Before making it to Mexcal culinary, maguey grows in the fantastic topography of Oaxaca, providing a wide field for the native plant to thrive in. Moreover, the taste of the agaves differs in terms of the locations where farmers planted them.

These agaves from the upper parts of the valley give off a smoother and drier taste. But, on the other hand, the spicier and more fruitful flavours of agave are found in the lower valley of the whole field.

How does it vary?

It depends on how producers take care of the agaves that still emphasize the taste and name of Mezcal. Some let agaves age in barrels for no longer than two months, while others waited for at least eight years for the plant to mature, making it more flavorful and an exquisite experience for people.

Furthermore, some manufacturers use industrial technology, which negatively affects the liquor’s taste. Still, traditional techniques of using clay still remain remarkable in the industry, even if it is not a fast process.

So how does one successfully mix the unique Mexcal drink? It involves a long and patient process made by a skilled distiller in rural Palenque. Thus, first and traditional methods produce the best of the drink for you to savour even more.

A glimpse of how to take Mezcal

To give you a more detailed guide to Mezcal, satisfied consumers of the drink share how you can enjoy this drink as well. The strength of the liquor ranges from 40 to 70% and is usually gulped straight down, much like tequila.

Rumours and myths about consuming worms with hallucinogenic properties in Mezcal have spread, which are not valid. People believed it to be similar to mescaline, a hallucinogen.

In summary, the astounding beverage grows in Mexico’s thriving field in Oaxaca, allowing producers to create their take on Mezcal uniquely. Agaves are differently taken care of, and still, they successfully serve their purpose of flavorful enjoyment for people. Luckily, your guide to Mezcal exploration can start in Perth, preparing it for you in a colourful restaurant with an endless choice of Mexcal food.

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