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How to Spot Authentic Mexican Food

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Mexican food is one of its kind. No other cuisine will give you such tangy and spicy flavours. However, many restaurants in different countries change their taste according to their locals’ preferences. So how can you experience authentic Mexican food?

Here are five tips to help you spot authentic Mexican food:

1. Look for Color

Authentic Mexican cuisine is colourful, natural, fresh, varied, and delicious. Mexican dishes are highly nutritional and visually appealing. This way, you can easily spot authentic Mexican food: bright green, yellow and red peppers; avocados, yellow corn; and fresh, juicy watermelon. Mexican food follows a colourful diet.

2. Look for Salsa

Bright red salsa is probably a top-rated sider amongst everyone in a local Mexican restaurant, and it is one easy giveaway to know if it’s authentic Mexican food. It is made of tomatoes, which are healthy! Salsa is more popular than mayo and ketchup nationwide in America! So the richness of the salsa determines the authenticity of the dish.

3. Look for Cornmeal

One great way is to find out if a recipe has cornmeal. Cornmeal is used in most Mexican dishes, including tortillas and burritos. A lot of veggies and cornmeal: two ingredients that are great for your body.

4. Colourful Veggies

Mexican food is quite nutritious, thanks to the wide assortment of vegetables used in their recipes. Vegetables in all colours are used – following the rainbow diet. These vegetables add more nutritional value to Mexican dishes.

5. Look for Seasonings

With seasonings such as paprika, cumin, chilli powder, onion flakes, coriander, pepper, garlic, oregano, crushed red pepper, and salt, there’s always a heatwave in Mexican food recipes!

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