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National Quesadilla Day

National Quesadilla Day

‘Quesadilla’ in Spanish means ‘little cheesy thing’. September 25 is recognised as National Quesadilla Day. It encourages you to pull up a chair in your favourite Mexican restaurant and reward your belly with some quesadillas. That’s the thing about quesadilla, it is neither a sandwich nor a taco, but fulfils your craving, while also being a complete meal.

A quesadilla is typically made with a corn tortilla, filled with cheese, and heated until the point the cheese starts to melt. Then, it hits the grill for a crispy touch. There are also other fillings like cooked sausage, chicken, pork, or beef. Finally, some toppings – fresh tomatoes, salsa, herbs, sour cream, guacamole, or chillies to bring a whole different level of flavour to the quesadilla.

Quesadilla History

Corn tortillas were already popular among the Aztec people. They often stuffed them with squash and pumpkin. They baked them in clay ovens as a sweet dessert.

In 1521, Spanish settlers brought sheep, lambs, and cows to New Spain. They introduced cheese and other dairy products to the people there. These people continued stuffing their tortillas with pumpkin and squash, but also started adding cheese to the mix. This is when the quesadilla was born.

The quesadilla quickly increased in popularity, and to this day has remained a favourite dish in Mexican cuisine.

How to celebrate National Quesadilla Day?

Host an evening celebrating Mexican cuisine, with quesadilla being the main dish. Or better, bring your party to On the Border and order mouthwatering quesadillas. We have a variety of quesadillas, with different fillings.

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