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Taco Tuesday: Three Things You Didn’t Know

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Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday is something you’ve probably heard in many restaurants. No doubt, it’s the best verse you’ll ever hear because it means you get to enjoy this delicious treat at a lower cost.

Over the years, it has become somewhat of an American custom. Whether you’re dining in a Mexican restaurant or simply enjoying a Mexican dinner with friends at home, Tuesday always seems to be the best time for some tacos.

It is undoubtedly a genius alliteration, but have you ever wondered where the idea came about? Why do we call it Taco Tuesdays and not Taco Thursdays or Taco Sundays? The origins of Taco Tuesday are challenging to trace, but with a bit of investigation, we were able to learn more about it!

Taco John’s registered the phrase as a trademark.

As unusual as it may sound, a Wyoming-based American restaurant company called Taco John’s trademarked Taco Tuesday back in 1989. Other than in New Jersey, the now-famous catchphrase is off-limits to enterprises in the United States.

Believe it or not, he stands firm in his position as the owner of such a trademark. They’re even known to send stop and desist letters to firms that infringe their trademark. So, fortunately, all taco restaurants in Perth are safe!

It was spelt Taco Twosday at first.

According to a Taco John’s spokesperson, the phrase came from David Olsen, one of their franchisees. Olsen first coined the term Taco Twosday when Taco John’s ran a promotion offering two tacos for 99 cents. What a steal that must have been! From there, the term evolved into Taco Tuesday as we know it today.

In 1967, the first Taco Tuesday promotion began.

Despite the phrase being first trademarked in 1989, the hype began much earlier—in 1967. Baker’s Drive-Thru, a California fast-food chain, was the first to use the word when they ran an ad asking, “Why are Tuesdays so special?” To this, Baker’s responded by saying that they’re having TACO TUESDAYS.

Today, Taco Tuesdays are a massive hit in Mexican eateries. You’ll often hear restaurants offering discounts or promos for their tacos once a week on Tuesdays.

So, if you’ve been craving some delicious tortilla or Mexican food in general, book a table at OTB now to enjoy Taco Tuesday with Tequila.

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