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Top 7 Reasons to Visit Mexico

Mexico Travel

There are a million reasons to visit Mexico – its history, scenic beauty, traditions, and of course, their FOOD. No wonder Mexico welcomes more than 41 million tourists every year.

Here are the top 7 Reasons why you must consider visiting Mexico for your next vacation!

1. Breathtaking Beaches

The Pacific Coast gives a view of the lush green Sierra Madre mountains with a wild ocean. It also has the surfing spots for which professionals travel from all over the world to ride the giant waves.

Yucatan Peninsula and Caribbean Coast have quiet turquoise shores with pristine beaches and a tropical climate. You can enjoy multiple activities like taking a dip in the coast, basking in the sun, or go for water sports.

2. Scenic Beauty

Mexico has incredible biodiversity that captivates all nature lovers. The mystical cenotes (sacred wells) around the Yucatan Peninsula must be on your explore list. These natural sinkholes were holy places to the Mayan civilisation.

Don’t forget the Waterfalls of Chiapas, the city of San Luis Potosi, Pico de Orizaba (the highest mountain in Mexico), the Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, Iztaccihuatl, and the active Popocatepetl.

3. Marine Life

Cozumel‘s reef systems are well known for snorkelling, but in general, the sparkling waters off Cancun are equally impressive. It also has an underwater museum of art (MUSA), that displays original sculptures on the sea bed amongst the reef.

There are also various activities where you can swim with whale sharks, snorkel with sea lions, and go whale watching.

4. Art

The artworks in Mexico are a fusion of classic works and modern folk art. Mexico City has an annual Art Week in February that reflects the culture and stories of the people.  The Museo Nacional de Arte: MUNAL in Mexico City holds works from iconic painters like Gerardo Murillo and Diego Rivera. For performing arts, the Palacio de Bellas Artes is not to be missed.

5. History and Culture

Mexico’s history and culture are colourful and vibrant. The ancient civilisations, such as the Aztec and Maya, set the current Mexican culture base. Their traditions have survived the Spanish oppression and imposition. This fascinating culture is worth experiencing!

6. Amazing Weather

Mexico’s climate is like a spectrum. You can bask in the sun throughout the year on the coast, but the winter can be chillier too – you can even find snow. In general, you can travel to Mexico at any time of the year to experience all the broad seasons.

7. Cuisine

To truly experience a foreign culture is to have its local food. Mexican cuisine is known for its wide variety and regional specialities, competing for the best taste and original combination. Whether it’s in a luxurious restaurant or street food, the diverse flavours of Mexico never disappoint.

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