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Throw A Fiesta With On The Border

Mexican Fiesta

Are you looking to host an event or just throw a fiesta to announce something special? On the Border will help you make your evening unforgettable. We serve high-quality and authentic Mexican cuisines with a range of chilled cocktails and other drinks for you to have a perfect fiesta!

From starters to the main course and all the way till dessert, we’ve got you covered! Our warm ambiance and lively spirit will make your party memorable.

For you to fully enjoy your evening, you need to live it! This would not be possible if you are constantly worrying about what to order and in what quantities. Our Fiesta Menu makes sure that you aren’t only relieved about ordering but also that all guests have the best Mexican cuisine.

It starts with Corn chips with our special Pico de Gallo salsa, quesadilla, and chilli queso, to other starters like chicken chimichangas and jalapeno poppers.

Next, we have a special series of the main course: Quesadillas- mixed platter (with a variety of fillings), sweet chipotle chicken wings.

And finally, in desserts, we have homemade churros to end your evening with the perfect sweet!

All these dishes at the most affordable rates possible. To check out our Fiesta Menu and place your bookings, go to https://ontheborder.com.au/group-booking/

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