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The Great Debate: Flour or Corn Tortillas?

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The first question that always pops into your mind is which tortilla tastes better, flour or corn tortillas? Most Australians love filling their stomach with different Mexican dishes, and I know you are one of them. These Mexican dishes are always composed of meat, cheese, vegetables, and sauces.

Tortillas are made from corn or flour. While most people prefer one over the other, it is still crucial to grasp the differences between the two tortillas. Understanding the differences between these two kinds will help you choose the best option for your meal and encourage you to try something new.

If you have done your research, you already know that deciding which type is better cannot be justified. Anything can be tastier depending on what you choose to work with it.


Corn tortillas are ideal for basic tacos since they complement the other components and contribute to the overall flavour profile. For example, meat, onions, cilantro, and spicy sauce or hot chiles would make up a basic taco for a diner.

Nonetheless, these can also be used in a taco. This kind is required for heartier tacos. And, more than any other taco, breakfast tacos demand the power of flour tortillas.

While a variety of components may be used in morning tacos, from potatoes, beans, and chorizo to cheese and Migas to eggs, each one requires the support of a flour tortilla, which is less likely to collapse under pressure. The wetness from the eggs, along with the torrent of salsa directed for morning tacos, may make a corn one sloppy.


Because corn tortillas do not become available in large enough sizes, an authentic burrito should only be made using flour tortillas. In contrast to what you may know, the technique for preparing a delish burrito is to not overfill them; you require sufficient tortilla space on all four corners to close that bad boy up after you roll it.

So, is it upsetting you because your burrito doesn’t have enough filling? Don’t worry; you can get large ones enough that it won’t matter; most of those monster tortillas can form a giant burrito without being overstuffed.


While a classic tostada, a flat fried tortilla served with various toppings, uses corn tortilla, a tostada bowl is perfect in flour tortilla because of its size. Because they’re large enough to shape into bowls and cook, they’re not as stingy with toppings or fillings; hence a large bowl is required.

The most straightforward approach to creating something like this is to imagine it just like a burrito without the constraints of needing to roll it. Unfortunately, that’s true, and this is essentially a fried burrito with an inflated filling.


Quesadillas are supremely made entirely of flour tortillas. For starters, they’re sufficient to make a filling, flat cheesy treat. Second, you get soft but crunchy flakiness similar to a flauta when done correctly. To get the flakiness mentioned above, use a cast-iron skillet or griddle with a bit of butter on each side.

These are the few Mexican tortilla dishes that you should try and find out if a corn or flour tortilla works better for your food!

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