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National Guacamole Day

guacamole day

National Guacamole Day is celebrated on September 16. It is on the same day as Mexico’s Independence Day. It is the day people share stories from 1810 (the day Mexico gained Independence), have traditional dancing, colourful fireworks and of course, a great excuse to make Guacamole.

Guacamole is made of avocados, which are well known for its health benefits. They are high in vitamin content and have lots of cholesterol-lowering fats. Guacamole is not a side dish anymore.

There are a lot of ways to prepare Guacamole. Usually, people prefer to spice up their guacamole with onions, garlic, cumin, tomato, or even salsa. Traditionally, guacamole was served as a dip with tortilla chips, but it also tastes good with corn chips, carrot sticks and celery.

Guacamole is delicious on sandwiches and hamburgers. Also, great blended in smoothies.

Guacamole History

  • In the 1500s, the Aztecs made a spread with avocados called ‘ahuaca-mulli’, in other words, “avocado sauce”.
  • In 1833, the trees of avocado were planted in Florida first, and after three years they were cultivated in California.
  • Rudolph Hass purchased a seedling from the farmer and originated the term “Hass Avocado” in 1935. Today, Hass Avocado is the most popular avocado in America.

How can you celebrate Guacamole Day:

You can make your favourite recipe and spice it up with guacamole. Or better still, visit On the border and order Corn chips with guacamole, or add it as a side for any other of our superb dishes.

Go green with Guacamole on September 16!

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