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Top 10 Authentic Mexican Drinks You Have to Try

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Mexican Drinks

While you have heard of margaritas and tequila, there is nothing like trying traditional Mexican cocktails directly where they originated. Wanting a Mexican experience is the ideal opportunity to sample a variety of these authentic Mexican drinks.

Consider these cocktails to try in Mexico, both new and familiar, on your next visit. As you taste several beverages, you might discover your new favourite drink to make at home.

Mexican Drinks:

When visiting the country known for its delicious cuisines and refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, here are the top 10 drinks you must experience.

Agua Fresca

While there is a range of cocktails and liquors to choose from when ordering, there are also several delightful fruit-flavoured beverages of water. Strawberry, Jamaica, and lime, prepared from hibiscus flowers, are among the most popular flavours. Although most of these drinks are sweetened, you can control how much sugar you want into these classic beverages when you make them at home.


Begin your day with this blend of water, vanilla, cinnamon, piloncillo, and masa or corn hominy, a classic morning drink. It may not be available in every commercial place, but you can find this at any local town vendor.


The chamoyada is a hot and sweet drink made with shaved ice, chilli, mixed fruit, and its essential ingredient, chamoy. Chamoy is a pickled fruit that is used extensively in Mexican cuisine. It is accessible in different forms, including liquid, paste, candy, and more.


Horchata is rice water with vanilla and cinnamon flavouring, perhaps the most well-known of the Aguas Frescas family of Mexican beverages. It is a delectable favourite that you must taste on your next visit to the south.


The mixture of fermented cacao, toasted maise, flor de cacao, and mamey pits makes this traditional Oaxacan beverage. The cacao rises to the top whenever the paste is mixed with water, creating a frothy appearance.


Mezcal, a related tequila, is among Mexico’s lesser-known drinks to try. The agave is burnt in clay pits to create mezcal, providing a unique smokey flavour. Mezcal is receiving international acclaim thanks to inventive mixologists who use it rather than tequila in typical Mexican cocktails. People also use mezcal in some famous shots.


Micheladas are authentic Mexican drinks comparable to Bloody Marys and are Mexico’s most satisfactory hangover remedy. They mixed every michelada with a particular set of spices, clamato juice, and a beer. So, if mechilada is on your list when you visit Mexico, you will be able to select your beer for it to partner with.


There are few beverages as well-known as margaritas. There are many fruity tastes to choose from when ordering drinks in Mexico, but nothing rivals the smoothness of a traditional margarita. Lime juice, tequila, and orange liquor are served on ice with a salt-rimmed glass to make a standard margarita.

Mexican Wine

Fine wines are also among the best Mexican drinks. While these wines are not as well-known as those from Italy and France, the Valle de Guadalupe district in Baja California does have promising vines that can compete with others.


Paloma is the ideal alternative for anyone who enjoys tequila but prefers it in a less potent version than the fatal shot. It is a delightful classic made with tequila Blanco, grapefruit-flavoured soft drinks (Squirt or Fresca), ice, and a slice of lime that you would not want to miss.

Mexico is not just known for its flavourful dishes but drinks too. So, make yourself experience these delightful beverages when you visit Mexico.

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