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7 Traditional Mexican Fruits and Vegetables

Mexican vegetables
Preparing Mexican dishes often requires fresh produce that you can buy at the grocery store or grow straight in your backyard. Indeed, having a few fruits and vegetables is an excellent start to the autumn season in..
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What Is Mezcal?

Mexico is known for its exquisite and unique dishes, but it also serves premium alcoholic beverages such as Mezcal, which many people enjoy and crave. The agave-based drink shares the same reputation as whiskeys or champagnes that leave…
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A Fiesta for Everyone: How to Throw a Fiesta Theme Party for Your Next Special Event

throw a fiesta
Festivals and several celebrations liberate Australia, having a small or large party or fiesta counts as participation in such events. Indeed, planning themed parties can be a hassle to get the correct atmosphere and sense of enjoyment you…
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6 Surprising Mexican Food Facts You Should Know

Mexican Food
Mexicans have one of the best gastronomical cuisines in the world. Their mouthwatering tacos and tortilla wraps have blessed the world with a combination of flavours. But aside from tasteful dishes, what else do we know..
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Quinceañera Fiesta: 7 Steps to Make It Memorable

A quinceañera is a rite of passage that turns a girl into a woman. It truly is a momentous day for young girls in Mexico and Latin America. However, planning it isn't a piece of cake. Not sure…
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Mexican Food: A Short History of Its Origins

Mexican Cuisine
The history of Mexican cuisine is as rich as its food's flavours. The coming and going of various cultures helped create the Mexican dishes of today. Yet, tradition is held at its highest despite the evolution..
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