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Tequila and Mexican Cocktails

Mexican Drinks
Tequila and Mexican cocktails are closely intertwined. But Mexico's contribution to the global liquor cosmos has a rich history since its origins date as far as 1000 BC. The Aztecs began fermenting and processing the Agave
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Everything About Chimichanga

Mesquite chicken, Mexican beans & cheese, wrapped in a flour tortilla
It is a fascinating deep-fried tortilla wrapped around a filling such as meat. Chimichangas are one of the most popular Mexican snacks. Do you want to know a little more about its history? Now, learn more about this…
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Do You Ever Get Curious About a Burrito?

lettuce, mexican rice, mexican beans, grilled corn, capsicum and your choice of protein topped with sour cream, guacamole, pico de Gallo, lime + cilantro dressing & corn chips. Vegetarian & Vegan - Roasted cauliflower, pumpkin & quinoa
Does it ever cross your mind what the burrito’s origin story is in every bite? The burrito, it turns out, has a fascinating backstory. Continue reading to learn about the burrito story, who (or what) gave it its…
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The Great Debate: Flour or Corn Tortillas?

The first question that always pops into your mind is which tortilla tastes better, flour or corn tortillas? Most Australians love filling their stomach with different Mexican dishes, and I know you are one of them.
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7 Traditional Mexican Fruits and Vegetables

Mexican vegetables
Preparing Mexican dishes often requires fresh produce that you can buy at the grocery store or grow straight in your backyard. Indeed, having a few fruits and vegetables is an excellent start to the autumn season in..
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What Is Mezcal?

Mexico is known for its exquisite and unique dishes, but it also serves premium alcoholic beverages such as Mezcal, which many people enjoy and crave. The agave-based drink shares the same reputation as whiskeys or champagnes that leave…
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