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Good Times Roll with our Burrito Rolls

Most Mexican dishes overlap in their ingredients and forms. Burrito is quite similar to Tacos. However, the key difference between the two is their quantity and size.
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Tex-Mex: The Fusion of Mexican and American Cuisine

Tex Mex Food Fusion
Traditional Mexican cuisine is very different from Tex-Mex, i.e. the fusion of American and Mexican food. How did Tex-Mex come into existence?
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On The Border Summer Fiesta!

Summer Fiesta
We're back with our Summer Fiesta! Join us from 1pm to 3 pm every Saturday and Sunday for our boozy Summer Fiesta. Enjoy four courses of OTB favourites plus all you can drink.
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Mariachi Music – The Sound of Mexico

Mariachi Music
It is said that the word ‘Mirachi’ comes from a French word that means ‘marriage’. This is dated back to the French occupation of Mexico in the 1860s. But the actual origin of the name remains a mystery.
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A Taste Of Mexico This Weekend?

Mexican Cuisine
If you’re in the mood for some Mexican cuisine, On the Border brings you the finest Mexican food - creating a mini Mexico in Perth. We have put together a few must-have dishes if you want authentic Mexican…
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Vegetarian And Vegan Mexican Food

Vegan Mexican Food
Although Mexican is a meat-based cuisine, the times are changing, and there are a variety of options for vegetarians and vegans. Here is what you should try at On the Border for authentic Mexican food if you’re a…
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